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Accent on Central Texas

Central Texas Weather
February 6th, 2012 3:55 PM

One of my favorite things about Central Texas is the winter weather. What I'm talking about is 79 degrees on February 1!  Now that's the kind of winter I can deal with every day.  Shorts and flip flops in the winter, no heavy coat to put on and take off as you go in and out of buildings, nights cool enough (or even down right cold enough) to need a snuggly blanket on the bed.   We do have very cold days--but the nice thing is there aren't many in a row and then the sun comes out again and we are once again in those flip flops! 

    Now, of course, there can be a downside to warm winter weather--mowing the grass in February, pesky insects not dying off and coming back in huge numbers in the spring, not getting many opportunities to wear cute sweaters or furs. 

    The mild weather also makes for less scary utility bills in the winter...and even opportunities to open windows and let fresh air into the house. 

    So, for my perference, I would change the words to a well-known old song to "winter time, and the living is easy" in Central Texas..because summertime is another story here which we won't think about today.

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Posted by Susan Jones on February 6th, 2012 3:55 PMPost a Comment

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